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Michael. I haven't contributed much to the discussion in a long while, but will come around at some point.

The book has already been ordered. Thanks again for the recommendation. Sorry I forgot to use the DP Amazon link. Looks like it should be interesting. I read someones testimony here the other day talking about how "40 lbs just melted off" without exercise. (now that's MY kind of diet)

I was just looking over the "Master Cleanse" 10 day detox thing as well. I'm hoping I can reboot my metabolism somehow.

And yes, it does seem like an eternity. Thanks to Grandmaster Nui as well for the all the video work throughout the campaign..

BTW, 8lbs in roughly 16 days is awesome! When you go running down the street naked because you got slipped an Angel Dust doobie, you're going to feel so confident about your body!! Sorry, I'm still chuckling at that. (Inside joke folks. Never happened)