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I know this

It took me 18 years of study to get here but I completely realize this fact so thoroughly that I can present the facts on any level to any Judge or Jury and convince them too. It is SOOO Obvious once one figures it out. It is like Walmart applying employee standard operating procedures and employee rule book to its shareholders. It does n't make any logical sense whatsoever.

I was once brainwashed into beleiving the big lie of Statutes applying to the People but upon thorough study of Law all of logic and reason dictates what must be true and nothing in our laws makes consitent sense until one realizes the Constitution and all code derivations are the law for Government. We the People already have Common Law. The right to face your accuser, all fundamental Maxims of Law, Impartial courts of Law, Valid Cause of Action, elements in a valid contract, Breach of Peace, Breach of Duty. Law is REALLY SIMPLE once one shakes free of the brainwashing of the millions of pages of Codes and Statutes. Does everyone here think that "ignorance of the Law is no defense" means you must read and know millions of pages of codes and statutes??? Or do you think ignorance of the law is no defense is in reference to knowing how law works and what law is actually applicable to You...

I am not sure if even the most ardent Liberty movement supporters understand this really simple fact. Even Ron Paul said he doesn't have much faith in politics. If politics doesn't work where do we turn? The answer is obvious; the law and the courts. Their tranny gives a valid cause of action against them everytime they extort, steal from us or harm us anyway. As tyranny grows the Courts become full. When we know the law it takes their time to answer to the REAL facts and these questions and statements of facts destroy their ability to extort so easily. The courts are also a great place to spread the facts to others because of how much tyranny they are committing. There are more minds to reach at a courthouse than there are in churches and the whole reason most of the people are at the court is because crime is being committed against them. The more tyranny the more opportunity to stop them and set the precedent based on clear self-evident facts in Law.

When one comes to the realization that codes are meant for employees of Government then one can begin to see the magnificient awe inspiring and enlightened beauty of our law. It is absolutely amazing how beautiful it is and even the judges and juries cannot deny this once the beauty is revealed to them because it is as our Law says: Self-Evident.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...