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Comment: this post disturbs me.

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this post disturbs me.

and it would seem like there are more new members with subscriptions than old ones..
I decided to subscribe to keep this place open and free.
I think it is very important that we keep the place open to trolls and government agents and such.
and now I come to find out that people that I have come to like... don't even consider it worthy of the cost of a newspaper subscription.
I suppose it is possible that the place is rolling in money and this post is just a conspiracy theory.
but after two "trophy" wives, I am not surprised that all people want to bring to the table is their azz.
this makes a serious joke out of the people on the precious metals thread.
or mebbe not..... I have a marketable skill that is going up in value...
this was NOT a post I wanted to see. it is already hard enough for me to tell who to be nice to or not.
I am one of those rare people who can almost charge someone whatever I want to.
Refrigeration guys are worse than doctors.