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What the 99% doesn't realize about the REAL law

is that the real law is the common law. You are absolutely correct.

I really like the way Bill Thornton teaches it: Simple. Common law is just like it sounds: It's common sense! The "sovereign of the court" is whoever the plantiff is. If you're the defendant - that's the plaintiff/DA... about a week ago that finally clicked for me that the courts are set up EXACTLY the way we want them to be! They haven't changed the courts at all... all they did was dumbed the people down so that they FORGOT the common law. They OPERATE IN COMMON LAW EVERY DAY.

This is why everyone is getting their arses handed to them in the courts as DEFENDANTS -> They are complaining and they don't HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. If you are a defendant the "sovereign of the court" is attempting to bring you under his/her "jurisdiction" which basically means "spoken law." The VEIL of MILLIONS of statutes is an ILLUSION because they DO NOT EXIST when you are dragged into the court room. The only "law" that exists is whatever is on the plaintiff's paperwork... that one code, statue etc...

At that point a defendant has two options:

1) Prove that he/she did not commit the violation.
2) Prove that he/she is NOT an EMPLOYEE of the CORPORATION henceforth there is NO CONTRACT (employee agreement as a "US citizen") to obey the rule. HOWEVER -> Kinda tough to prove a negative so you can just toss that back at the DA "What evidence do you have at this time that I'm a "US citizen" or any other employee of government... AND that I was PAID and ON DUTY at the time of this violation?" **** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp **** Chirp....

I hope you listened to that intro #1 - it's 11 mins long. What I detailed there is how you can "flip the tables" on the plaintiff by becoming a "counter-plaintiff" instead of a defendant... now YOU are the "sovereign of the court" and can now presume jurisdiction thereby being able to decree your "law." Now you've tied the hands of the plaintiff... because the counter-plaintiff's claim MUST be heard first and in EVERY case that's usually going to be a "frivolous action" among a bunch of other things you can probably come up with.

The "judge" is not a judge. He is a REFEREE -> His job is not to decide what the law is or if it was broken or not. His job is enforcing the RULES OF THE COURT -> That's all... same way the referees on the football field enforce the rules of the game. They don't tell either team what plays to run.

What we are not doing is compelling the REF to STAY a ref and that's where witnesses come in to hold the REF accountable SAME AS FANS DO AT A FOOTBALL GAME.

Once court becomes a SPECTATOR SPORT the JIG IS UP!

Now when a REF instructs the jury that they CANNOT judge the "law" only whether the law was broken or not that is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and also JURY TAMPERING.... so you have to NAIL him on that. You make your record. One thing a REF (still talking about what people think is a "judge" here) HATES is to hear "hold it over for appeal your honor"). Fact is no REF is allowed to make ANY decisions. The plaintiff, counter-plaintiff or JURY are the only people who can make decisions.

That's when you have government "of the people by the people for the people." We have allowed these REFS to be "judges" aka DICTATORS and they are dictating a for-profit monopoly that has NOTHING to do with law.

Ramble ramble ramble... Please check this out and see if it really simplifies using football/basketball analogies what is happening in the court. I put it together to fast forward the layman's understanding. I've condensed about 5 yrs of law research into 11 mins :)

I've listened to that myself a couple dozen times just to get like 90% of the garbage out of my head that I've dumped in there since I started studying law.

The 6 million plus codes/statues/acts etc is a SMOKESCREEN to prevent people from realizing how SIMPLE court can be and you don't need a BAR member to help you. THAT IS WHY all the BAR members at SPLC are scrambling trying to demonize people who are learning law. All they have is fear, intimidation and a cage but we still got the right to paper and pencil and with my current knowledge if you wanna stick me in a cage with nothing but paper and pen and FORCE ME TO KICK YOUR ARSE in front of the REF -> go ahead MAKE MY DAY.