Comment: I am about what WORKS

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I am about what WORKS

I don't care for AJ's rants. When I was just waking up, though, I was a regular reader of "prison planet." I am sure many here have noticed, after you reach a certain level of awareness, you begin to see the same stories trotted out: FEMA Camp, massive stacks of coffins, guillotines (must be about due for that one, have not seen it in a while) - and you start to get tired of being told to rush out and "prepare" and do it NOW - the world may not be here tomorrow. After a while, you just get tired of being told what you already know, and you get tired of people yelling at you. But that is after a while.
When I first woke up, there was this GREAT youtube. It showed how long each candidate was given in the debates set to the music of "We Want Your Soul." That song drove me like a heartbeat for months. While in that phase, AJ's energy matched my own, and his yelling resonated with the sense of near panic in me as I came to accept that everything I thought I knew was a lie....
AJ wakes them up. What can I say to that except "Thank you, Alex." When the newbies wake up enough, maybe they will find their way over here.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.