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Changes and additions: *Edit*

- Under Cansema (Amazon Black Tropical Salve): Review

- Under category "Herbs, foods, substances with immune boosting/cancer fighting properties" I added the following note:

(Exception: Protocel, Paw Paw ,& Graviola work by reducing ATP levels in the cell so they generally cannot be combined with immune boosters without reducing their effectiveness.)

I've also restructured this category and combined sections under more natural groupings.

- At the top of the post I added the following comment about the importance of reviews:

[Important: See reviews under most sections for important information about the strength of each cancer protocol(Stage IV, III, II, or I); whether it's a complete or supplemental protocol; which protocols can or cannot be combined; and which protocols can or cannot be used with certain cancers. They also list or reference important precautions that should be thoroughly read. The details are essential.]