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Jefferson Take your time

As for the 40 lbs melting off without exercise... that is my kind of diet, too. I haven't done much exercising in the past two weeks - just did a little more walking than normal.

And yes, thanks to Grandmaster Nui for making that video and all the others. What a ride. (And as you well know, I'm very careful not to accidentally smoke Angel Dust/PCP laden doobies, lol.

Thanks Jefferson. I'm not sure what to make of the Master Cleanse. I know people who have done it with great success. Maybe I'll give it a shot in the summer time. I don't think something like that is good for winter. I woke this morning to about 4" of snow. That was unexpected. I had great success last month with a raw juice regimen, made with my Omega J8006 (the J8004 is the same model, only white. I wish I knew that before I bought mine - but it is awesome).

Good luck friend & thanks.

He's the man.