Comment: If it's "complicated" it's NOT the Truth

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If it's "complicated" it's NOT the Truth

The Truth is, in essence, VERY simple. Far more simple than people want you to believe. It's just complicated when you have to sift through all the bulls*** that's out there and that's also in YOU too.

Truth can really be as simple as "Bad people doing bad things VS. Good people doing good things."

Most governments still think their citizens are multicoloured primates unable to think for themselves. They do not understand the impact that Global connection [Internet] is having on the World and how human beings are beginning to see past invisible lines drawn on maps that only divide them and are coming to the realization that there is a common foe to face.

This isn't a time of some cycle repeating. This is the start of a global awareness. A global consciousness connecting through technology and even connecting on spiritual levels as well.

There is a "Gap" between the people and their governments but it's no longer a secret. Now this "division" serves as a stark contrast between what's right and what's not.

WE are WINNING! We know because they're still pushing back. But short of pulling the plug on the entire communications infrastructure to "disconnect" us from one another or staging a Global Crisis or Event that tries to counter this Global Awakening... there is nothing "they" can really do except keep using the same old tools they've used repeatedly over the ages: Fear, confusion, separation, conditioning, indoctrination, etc., etc.,

All this nonsense is getting too ridiculous to ignore much longer. People need to start going to jail. Luckily for us, these people operate on fear and they know nothing but fear so when their judgement comes most will probably have a cyanide pill handy so they can escape this Earth like cowards.

We are all being "run" by absolute idiots with god-complex egos, too much funny money and things that go "boom" at their disposal. There's nothing complicated about THAT Truth, is there?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin