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Of course

But sometimes I wonder if US citizens are uniquely doomed to a special kind of looming tragedy of massive proportion.

The absence of a free press prevents us from understanding the scope of US-induced suffering in various countries, but I think that it's plausible that the US has a network of empty prisons, camps, and containment facilities with here which to enact "preventive detention."

After all, they are the ones talking about it all the time. Are they going to be all talk and no action forever? If they fill those prisons and camps, if they begin the systematic imprisonment of innocent people, with the intention to enslave them indefinitely, then it's possible the people of the US will be experiencing the horror of Agenda 21/global police state first, on a larger scale than anywhere else.

These are hypothetical situations...I can only speculate based on how the laws are written, and how the empire-monster conducts itself globally.