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He'll Be There

...selling us all down the river. As much as I hate to sound conspiratorial, this guy is controlled opposition. The interview doesn't sound like a real back-and-forth. It sounds like two guys reading scripts while auditioning for a part in a play. At the beginning of the interview, Shapiro postures as an unwavering proponent of the 2nd amendment and gun rights. At the end of the interview, Shapiro expresses support for the key components of Obama's gun-grabbing scheme. It also irritates me that Shapiro says the 2nd amendment is in case the government becomes tyrannical "in 50 or 100 years". 50 or 100 years? This President declares wars on his own, murders American citizens, tortures, spies on citizens, classifies everything to hide what he's doing, spends money to the point that it's a threat to the security of our country, and now is trying to grab our guns. 50 or 100 years? The threat exists now!