Comment: Hmmm He claims Organic foods are NOT good?

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Hmmm He claims Organic foods are NOT good?

He says his greatest responsibility as a CEO is to ensure his enterprise survives, and of course the big profits.

He talks about Americans being healthy after eating GMOs for 15 years and he is trying to sell EUROPE on doing the same, allowing GMO to be grown and used as food in Europe. The USA ranks #33 out of 40 nations listed for health.

The CEO of Nestle suggests water is not a human right. BUT the lakes and rivers, oceans and streams belong to the Earth, and we are children of the Earth. We DO have the right to water. He wants to make water a commodity for profit as ENERGY was made a commodity for profit by JP Morgan when Tesla wanted free energy for the people of the world. This guy is up to the same thing. He wants to sell water now.!

A manipulative person, he is of the elite seeking power, control, MONEY.