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Gains and losses

Thanks for the question. I don't know the answer because this is all very new to me, and it takes a lot of reverse brain washing to get anywhere in thinking independently on any subject - in my opinion.

I think the answer has to do with gains and losses.

If the idea is to stop paying Income Tax then that has to be done by following very specific steps that make you bulletproof in the mire of falsehood that exists within the "Code".

I hate using their words. I hate liars. I can't bring myself to use the words used by the criminals, so I put "Code" in parenthesis.

Which word is the word you are supposed to use when dealing with the people I call Legal Criminals?

The Courts?

Anyway, back to the question. If the goal is to not pay "Federal Income Tax" (extortion payments) then there are steps that have to be taken to do that, and that (in my opinion) is separate from the concept of removing the power commanded by the criminals running The Federal Reserve with this step by step process of Redeeming Lawful Money.

Actually, to be more clear, the end result is the elimination of The Federal Reserve (system of fraud) if everyone stops paying the extortion fee called Federal Income Tax, but that is a different angle of defensive attack compared to the angle of defensive attack whereby many people seek to redeem lawful money.

I don't think that the individual gains anything other than the satisfaction that their money is no longer going to be used criminally, which to me is a huge gain, but it is not the same as the individual gain of no longer sending your hard earned earnings to the criminals running the crime ring known as The Federal Government through the Federal Income Tax system of extortion.


Redeeming Lawful Money pulls the plug on "elastic" money, so that your "contributions" are no longer contributing to frauds perpetrating the crime of fraud, and all the torture and murder that goes with all that which has to be done by all those frauds as they eliminate competition to keep their fraud going.

I don't think that there is a pot of gold at the end of the Redeeming Lawful Money process, not immediately, not each month, not a paycheck in the mail. You don't get something for nothing. You don't get your money making money as if planting a money tree into the ground and all you do is have to wait for fall and all the new money just falls out of the tree into your bank account.

Once the frauds at the Federal Reserve System of fraud have no more "elastic" money, because enough people employ the Redeem Lawful Money process, then those frauds will either find another way to "skin the cats" or "shear the sheep" or they will have to get a real job.

How does that benefit anyone?

Inflation is gone, and inflation is a hidden tax, and it is by way of inflation (one word that does not explain the whole process) that Wars are financed, and Wars cost a lot of POWER, and the POWER consumed in the building up of WAR, and the POWER consumed in the perpetration of criminal WAR is gone and wasted, and the POWER consumed in the rebuilding of all the destruction (no bid contractor "elites" taking the lion's share) consumes a lot of POWER, and all that POWER, or a lot of it, could have been used to make The Standard of Living higher, and the cost of living lower, instead of WAR which does the opposite in fact.

Call Redeeming lawful money a long term investment or selling long, hedging, whatever, it is not a money tree, something for nothing, scam.

As far as I know so far.

If redeeming lawful money is also a step in the process of no longer "providing the means by which we suffer" through "Tax Liabilities" at the false labeled "Federal Income Tax", then here, this "no longer paying" the extortion fee process, is like getting a sudden increase in the standard of living and a sudden decrease in the cost of living, for each individual who no longer pays the extortion fee.

So that could be answered well enough to remove all doubt about it.

Does redeeming lawful money pave the way to then avoid paying the extortion fee?


Does the avoidance of participating in the fraud (choosing to redeem lawful money instead of allowing participation in the fraud) constitute a step in the process of avoiding the payments of the extortion fee ("Federal Income Tax Liabilities")?