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yeah, i didn't say all jews

yeah, i didn't say all jews were zionists; i was referring to history when a lot of concentration camp jews became zionists because albert einstein directed them towards a zionist spokesperson who was speaking at a jewish conference in new york, c.a. 1946.

i am referring to history.

a lot of jews became zionists. period. and the jews who are ignorant of the new world order might as well be zionists for all intents and purposes, just like the ignorant americans, they might as well be zionists- due to their ignorance. and all the people who call themselves christians and listen to their pastor rant about "Israel first" - they are all zionists pretty much.

it doesn't matter because i'm not jewish and i'm not a zionist. let the americans worry about if they fit into either one or both or neither category.