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Comment: meh watched the 1st interview, not nearly as good as people hype

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meh watched the 1st interview, not nearly as good as people hype

it to be. shapiro was advocating for more mental screening and more intense background check--i don't even know wtf that means, keeping a registry on every gun owner? so what do they do, hire 2x drug force with half now responsible for breaking in doors to see if guns are locked well in a safe? and to increase mental screening, doesn't that mean the next crisis people will just conveniently go for tightening mental illness definitions and label more americans as mentally ill, even more convenient than attacking the 2nd amendment out front? good thinking shapiro.. you still lost to morgan. he advanced and you backed off, resorting to retarded compromises. the average viewers being schizo about guns, all they need is a sense they are advancing, they are "right", they don't need the silly details in a debate they don't understand anyway.. they just want a 'you backed off because i am right' good feeling and it is a green light for sheep to do whatever they want and however far they want on gun control, and you gave that feeling to them shapiro, dumb#%$