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i didn't put the caveat in

i didn't put the caveat in there, of "not all of x" - but do i really need to? i've studied german (and was in germany for a very brief stint), i've studied a turkish friend who grew up in germany, and was ignorant of what's going on because he was attuned to his pleasure centers so much and didn't have the discretion to take in real life. he didn't research things. And he was very LEGALISTIC because he grew up in Germany.

He was so insanely legalistic he might as well be German, but he was very kind, just as germans are quite kind, but it doesn't matter, does it? When push comes to shove the "benign" collective can turn F*Cking Evil on a Dime. N'est-ce pas? And that's what germany is, an insane legalistic society that hasn't learned one damn thing from putting the Juden in the Konzentrationschlager.... :-(