Comment: Why thank you! It's much appreciated. I'll do the same.

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Why thank you! It's much appreciated. I'll do the same.

I'll die for me too.

Haw haw? Well, I also have certain commitments and did I make them for me or for you or for Ones Above? They kinda blend together eh? Our eyes turned up to heavens, our ancestors looking down on us, us looking down on our children, their little eyes looking up at us,

What does it mean for a young warrior to tell me he's ready to die? What does it mean for me to realize that I am no longer a young warrior? Honestly, this New Year for me brings a pretty brutal realisation that I am not combat fit. My body, my constitution, my eyesight, pretty much everything is breaking down pretty fast now. In terms of strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility and speed you have me beat. All I have left is experience, environment and what capabilities I have left. I'm pledged to use them in certain circumstances.

I think I would accept this promise from you, young warrior if you also make this pledge to me:


And a promise accepted is a relationship so learn what you can from me and others, do this and teach the youngers. And be what you are meant to be: a leader. Leadership always starts with service. You will find this to be true.

If you will protect the people that means their bodies, minds and souls so you will find yourself literally a servant, finding them blankets or heat when they are cold, finding them food when they are hungry, trying to get care for them when they are sick and injured. The cost of leadership is high but the servant comes when called.

Leaders go where they are sent. Which makes us servants again. Servants of God, liberty or internal conviction we can wonder. I will speak more in a fresh post and leave this one here.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.