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Yes for the primaries, no for the generals

Maybe it has to do with being a minority, or maybe it has to do with culture and tradition. It is pretty complicated. For example, my mom fully supported him because she felt he was a worthy priesthood holder, and she really wanted the power of God to be in the White House (which sounds scary to plenty of people, I know, but really, what else short of God's power can change the direction this country is heading in? She wasn't wanting Mormon global dominion or have religious law trump constitutional law: she wanted to save this country, felt that only inspiration from God's power could do it, and that meant supporting a priesthood holder.) In her mind, she wasn't voting for Romney; she was voting for the priesthood.

It is hard to be unbiased when you know you are a minority, you feel that your people are still being persecuted, and one of your own is running for president. I'm sure many of them didn't realize they were being biased: they genuinely thought of the best of Romney.

There is also a tradition in mormon culture that states that when the Constitution hangs by a thread, the elders (mormons) would step forth and save it. Mormons are a loyal, faithful bunch who love this country immensely, and they want to save it. The member never did not speak of that tradition out loud during this past election cycle, and I know that many of them tried to be unbiased, and nobody (as far as I know) EVER got in front of the pulpit and said "Vote Romney!" because it's against Church policy to dictate political matters from the pulpit (in fact, whenever Romney's name was brought up in church-related meetings and broadcasts and such, it was always to say that Romney's run was exposing the Church's name to more people, not to promote him above other candidates), but having been raised in the traditions I can assume what unspoken thoughts some of them may have had.

These reasons would explain why so many voted for Romney in the primaries. However, after the primaries most of these same members would have voted Republican anyway, regardless of who the nominee happened to be, and would have supported that nominee just as strongly as they had for Romney. Many mormons, counting themselves as christians, relate to the rest of the Christian culture in the US, and so many are not more well-versed in liberty than your typical Christian. If a party is pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti-2nd amendment and pro-drug, it is immoral to support that party. (I am well aware of the double-standard. I'm doing my best to guide my family and friends into seeing that were is more to moral politics than these exact issues.)

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine