Comment: Wrong, and Arrest Warrant is not the Document that

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Wrong, and Arrest Warrant is not the Document that

that local/state/federal gov't has in their possession that would contractuallyobligate anyone to abide by internal-statutory rules and tax codes.

Yes, it does really matter what you or I think, because we are the jurisdiction of the court. The IRS is a collection agency, not a court of public opinion.

It doesn't matter what the public thinks; the public is not my legal person; and the public is not the Grantor/Beneficiary and Director of the legal person Estate; and the public holds no equity in the legal person Estate you or I are Beneficiaries of.

A Judge that attempts to Administrate an Estate in which he has no legal authority to Administrate can pay a very heavy price for meddling in the Estate without the Beneficiaries written-authorized consent.

Assuming an Administrative Role as Executor of another persons Estate is called an Executor de son tort ........ Not good.

No one is telling you to do anything; no one is twisting you arm to be free, and no one is twisting your arm to remain in voluntary servitude; your freedom is between your ears.

If you are all for "unplugging from the matrix" watch the seminars I've provided and you will learn how to unplug yourself from the matrix.

Or don't, and stay in your comfort zone.