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While you're correct in a

While you're correct in a way, you're also completely wrong in another.

While a lot of the so-called "conspiracy theorists" may have a poor demeanor for getting points across, there is no question that it has been effective in some scenarios.

You are making the mistake of assuming that everyone in the movement has to have effective political communication in order for the movement to get anywhere. I definitely get where it comes from (given what I posted on the night of AJ's tyrade) but after careful thought I was clearly wrong. There is a place for Alex Jones and it has amazed me how many people have been looking into things a bit since they saw it. People who would have easily brushed him off as a conspiracy theorist before are actually having a second look. I don't get it either, but it's working on some levels.

Yes, we also need a more diplomatic approach, but let's not give into collectivism and assume that any individual who agrees in any way with us (or is somehow "associated") hurts us somehow. We have only been on the uptrend, there's no evidence of anyone hurting us except GOP leadership and shills. Look how many absolute idiots there are in the two major parties, O'Reilly and Piers exist, yet those political ideologies are faring pretty well.