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Comment: So who has enough money to buy the world's water resources?

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So who has enough money to buy the world's water resources?

This is really strange sounding after all the drilling that "healthcare" is a right.

But I guess there has been a plan for quite some time to "privatize" water.

Not sure how that would work. Walls and armed guards surrounding lakes and rivers? And how would this effect people who want to drill wells on property they own? I hear a local municipality is wanting to create a well tax. A drilled well in this area costs around 5,000 dollars paid to a private driller. Why would a city think it has any right to tax that unless they already believe they own the water?

The creator made water is in abundance, covering the earth. You could see through the CEOs window a gorgeous view and vast expanse of water.

I believe in free markets. But water and seeds, things that God gave man for sustenance shouldn't basic decency dictate that these things are off limit to "ownership?"

It's thought like the CEO's that makes me wonder why anyone would have trouble believing that the world is headed in the direction to at some point be ruled by antiChrist.

Anyway, he said "We have everything we want." Well here in America, a lot of us want our water(that we pay for) to be free of fluoride and other contaminants not meant to be foodstuff. And we aren't a 3rd world country yet. I wonder if the CEO drinks fluoridated water.

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