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Court Watching :

I was one of a small group of people that would support each other by just being willing and able to be there in court. A judge gets a little nervous when you are the “Crazy Patriot / Citizen” whose case is trailed to the end of the day and there are still a half dozen people in the Gallery.

On one occasion the judge asked if any body had business with the court. Nobody responded in the affirmative.

Judge was all full of himself and told the Bailiff to “clear the court room”. The guy on trial turned on his heel to leave the Well and the judge shouted “Where do you think you're going?”. He said “ I'm just following your order to clear the room”.

Bailiff looked like he'd been hit with a cartoon question / exclamation mark.

Judge said “Stay here”. We all turned on our own heels and sat back down in the front row. Bailiff looked back at the judge with a big “what do I do now shrug”. Judge dropped his puffed up chest and shoulders.

He was pretty subdued after that.

Court Watch-Keeping Judges Honest

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