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Huh? First of all...

I'm an imperfect human being. If God felt and believed as I do, He wouldn't be God.

As far as thinking God is insane if He dealt with humans like He dealt with them four thousand years ago is simply not true. First of all, people didn't have a Bible 4,000 years ago. If a person listened to his God-given conscience like Abram did and worshipped the Creator of creation and not creation itself, God revealed Himself physically and/or audibly. There is no comparison since God has given us his word and doesn't deal through prophets, or priests, or nations like He did before Christ came and paid for the sins of mankind.

"Christ is wonderful, but, why you've chosen to worship the god of a bunch of tribal, nomadic dwellers I'll never know." Because Jesus Christ IS the God of those tribal, nomadic dwellers. Jesus plainly said, "I and my Father are One." That means it was Jesus that told Abram to set out for Canaan, it was Jesus that gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and it was Jesus that struck anyone dead who dared touch the Ark of the Covenant with their mortal, sinful hands.