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Just FYI:

I neither downvoted your comment, nor the entire post.
I CHOSE to read some of the discussion to educate myself, and
i CHOSE to share my opinion here because i just felt like it.

If my comment did any harm to you, or anyone else, i apologize, i didn't mean to offend anybody.

For me, it's really not about any form of psychological attempt to use any form of guilt against anybody, my concern was solely to clarify to people that, if they're in some way offended by Hunter, they're not in any form forced to learn about any of his opinions.

I've personally nothing against good sarcasm at all, but i just think that you completely misunderstood me-
if you feel guilty and ashamed about Jack Hunter, and want to discuss it, i can't, won't and don't want to hinder anybody at all in doing so. That's what this is all about, free discussion, right?
So, in fact if you wanna talk with me about the issue, feel free to do so, i'm always interested in a good discussion and won't hold anything against you.

Peace =)