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--First #1:I don't know how

--First #1:I don't know how you can possibly be on this site for so long and not know this one.

Because no one has really answered this question, they are always extremely vague, just like your answer. No specific agenda, just a conspiracy agenda ? ? ? to do exactly what, and why ?

--First #2: Try googling What in the World Are they Spraying on Us and actually watch it.

Chemtrails, really ? ? ? That video was completely debunked. they still give no specifics.

---First #3: I really don't know what you want me to say here. I never said there weren't any dead bodies, did I?

You said this - [Let me stop and clarify that I’m not saying that no one died – I’m saying there is no PROOF that anyone died. There is a difference. --SOunds like the same thing to me.

---First #4: It is ludicrous to use the word ludicrous; however I will ignore this very liberal tactic (trying to make me look stupid by your name calling). I PERSONALLY think it is very strange to want to be interviewed so soon. Yes, I happen to think they are all "odd" and that is just the point. What is the sheer possibility that all of the parents are "odd"?

Not very, because they all were not interviewed. only a few were interviewed.

---Second #1: Yes, YOU suspect. And I also suspect. And that is the point.

So why even mention it.

---Second #2: Are you kidding? Perhaps because this is the thing that is going to take all of our arms away? It should be reported who they were and that they were released and why they were running from the scene of such a horrific crime.

Running from the scene - now you are just making stuff up - but yes, no reason to drag someone through the media if they clearly have nothing to do with the crime. If I was walking by the crime, and the police questioned me, and knew I had nothing to do with the crime, I would be pissed if they let my name out.

7. With all due respect I think you need to re-read my article because I don't think that you "got it". In my OPINION there is NO conspiracy theory, only a CONSPIRACY AGENDA.

A conspiracy agenda ? That makes no sense because there are no specifics. its just as easy to say, I think people are out to get us, but you are not sure exactly who, how or why ? ? ?

Comment to your last comment: So I guess we should just give up all together because they have "bigger" weapons. Go ahead!

Not give up, just don't be too concerned in fighting with guns, since that will fail. Everyone is so worked up about 2nd amendment, when it was taken away long ago.