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i assume you're not reading Ben's mind either nor are you reading Alex's.
i don't need to watch this clip to consider Ben way more serious than Alex personally, no matter if and how often one features or refers to the other one.

Alex does plenty for liberty, and so does Ben and others, everyone in this thing is supposed to benefit the other in one or another way, is as i understand it.
But of course my pick would be Swann over Jones when it comes to decent journalism, maybe not if it's talk shows and rallies. Fair enough, but that's my personal take on it.

I don't force it on anyone i'm just writing it down so if i'm wrong on a thing it'd be so nice if people could just sort stuff out in a constructive way, instead of getting personal or cheeky like most times.

Didn't mean to be arrogant here, i just didn't know all the facts and wrote my take on my then state of knowledge. Tell me that didn't ever happen to you before...