Comment: Couple points: 1. Regarding

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Couple points: 1. Regarding

Couple points:

1. Regarding GMO - Where's this guy's proof it hasn't caused health issues in the US? What independent researcher is doing any research about it??? Source, please? Let me know when someone is studying these mass-murder's brains to see if there's a link. Moreover, wake me up when ADHD, ADD, Autism, and other childhood disorders are researched independently to cancel out any link between them and GMOs.

This guy is a Corporate Fascist with an ego the size of Mt. Everest.

2. If water has a price than the air we breathe has a price to these evil #$%@s and it just goes to show we need to STOP CORPORATISM NOW! He's trying to disguise his fascism with freemarket capitalism and people need to set this guy straight. If people demand free water, than that is the price, especially when the govt is demanding taxes from us to pay for it. What he is saying is that Nestle should be the market maker which is corporate fascism at its ugliest.

3. He's also disguising his market fascism with liberal talking points. The problem is not water or the lack thereof in certain parts of the world, the problem is corrupt fascist governments that force the hand of the people in theses areas of the world. For example, take Bali, Indonesia. The government there is more concerned with the over-saturation of tourism, hotels and restaurants in designated areas in Bali than in the rural ones. These rural areas have very little water thanks to the government providing for the Corporations more than the citizens. The citizens of Bali take backseats to hotels like the Hilton, Hyatt, and Hardrock and many, many others.

So in summary, it's companies like Nestle that are causing these water shortages.

Nestle creates the problem, then finds a solution that best suits their needs. This is pure and utter EVIL and has nothing to do with freemarkets!!!