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here is rothbard on the subject

"Water, rivers, parts of oceans, have been in far worse shape than land, since private individuals and firms have been almost universally prevented from owning parts of that water, from owning schools of fish, etc. In short, since homesteading private property rights has generally not been permitted in parts of the ocean, the oceans and other water resources have remained in a primitive state, much as land had been in the days before private property in land was permitted and recognized. Then, land was only in a hunting-and-gathering stage, where people were permitted to own or transform the land itself. Only private ownership in the land itself can permit the emergence of agriculture--the transformation and cultivation of the land itself--bringing about an enormous growth in productivity and increase in everyone's standard of living."

But this ignores a lot of problems with the initial claim and ownership of these resources. Since the government currently owns the water resource, how do we get a fair price for the water from nestle. If I was selling my water, I would want at least enough money to replace the cost of all the water i would need to survive.