Comment: Go Rand!

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Go Rand!

Cool! Rand is so "undercover" that he's advocating for even MORE printed money to be thrown at the MIC for a useless system that will protect Freedom/American-Pie/Football/Fireworks/TeamUSA! This guy is so much like a standard Republican, why, it could never be pandering and a personal desire for power! No way, it's part of his super secret plan to restore liberty to our nation! Better get started on those Rand 2016 posters. What could we say? Hmmm:

"Ron Paul? Too Principled. Vote for Liberty-Lite, Vote for Rand"

I'm really liking this one. Why, with just a bit more brown-nosing, maybe we could even get the moderate-liberty views on Fox! Oh man that would be great! I mean, we have to start somewhere, and Rand is the best we've got right now! Just so gosh darn happy to see this. You crazy "purists" will never win by sticking to your principles, give a little to get alot. /sarc

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley