Comment: Sorry, Anarchists aren't Libertarians.

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Sorry, Anarchists aren't Libertarians.

Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty, less than worthless actually; a detriment. They're liars, nihilists and Judas Goats who don't know what threatens liberty, mans covetous nature, nor will they defend liberty; serve justice.

"You claim that men with guns and badges have a higher claim on my life and property because they were elected, or appointed, to a position of power. I am offended."

I don't care what offends you. You're a phony and I laugh at Anarchist tears.

You want a free market of violence? You want to be able to buy Goon squads to go out and use violence against people who have no association, representation or say in how force is used? You want to destroy my country? Why should I give a damn about you?

I look forward to killing your goon squads along with all the Anarchists who thought they you were going to be able to pay people to attack Americans while serving the principle of self interest.

Cry all you want Anarchist. It means nothing to me. Even an Anarchists tears are phony.