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My son is 12

and is into ballroom dancing. He has a little girlfriend and a dance competition with her as his partner this weekend, and then can move onto direct coaching from some people from dancing with the stars.

I haven't ever watched the show and I have two left feet myself (he must have got it from his mom) but he's really good. They are going to provide wardrobe and shoes and such luckily because I can't afford it.

Unfortunately the kids at school make fun of him ("white boy" - although he is only about 1/8th dutch and the rest Sioux, Hawaiian, and Spanish - I was adopted and am not Irish as the name suggests) and his girlfriend and they have to practice in secret during lunch and stuff. Yesterday he told me she doesn't like him much any more. :(

But I think she is just embarrassed from the other kids talking about/amongst themselves. I went to a private middle school with less than 90 kids, at his school there are gangs already and more than 1200 kids. They already busted some 11 year old kid for pot. That's insane.

I thought it was cute seeing them holding hands and stuff and then today I was thinking about next year which is when I started being a naughty kid.

I'm in for a wallop. Hehe. He's way more innocent than I was though. I was reading dirty mags at his age (well not reading...) But I think he's more innocent because I always leave the door to any conversation completely open. My parents had a closed door. It's been paying off.

So if you are 12 you can pick up dancing pretty quickly. But as we age, we become decrepit old farts. I'll dance badly with some liquid courage but not very well. Doesn't matter. It's just for fun.

Wish my son some luck. He really likes dancing. Oh yeah, we watch the LXD which I really like a lot and so does my son. When I wax the floor he starts doing all kinds of break dancing and other dancing and it scares the daylights out of me as I've fallen onto the bathtub and split my head wide open not dancing.

I'm just happy he has a healthy recreational activity. Granted, I've always been a reader of books, but I think dancing is healthy and good and it something I hope my son progresses in.