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Comment: This is a good idea, actually.

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This is a good idea, actually.

this is a perfect way to illustrate military DEFENSE rather than OFFENSE.

even for those of you who think 9/11 was a false flag, imagine how much easier it would be to convince people of that fact if you could point to New York's missile defense capabilities as proof that it would've been easy to stop the plane from coming in!

of course I personally believe the blowback theory, and in any event there is definite blowback out there over all our interventions overseas that doesn't just disappear tomorrow if we pull out everywhere, there's still a ton of people who are extremely pissed at us for killing their friends and loved ones and would love to get revenge. I understand why, but we need a strong defense against such things... the best defense is a good defense, period.

for those complaining about the money being spent, we can cut foreign aid, stop all the money being spent on military adventures overseas, and use that money instead for defense here at home. in a perfect constitutional world, the Federal Government would've apportioned a tax between the states for such a project long ago to fulfill its constitutional duties of National Defense.

realize that this isn't something Rand will likely accomplish as a senator. this is a presidential platform suggestion here, folks, so don't treat it in a vacuum, treat it as part of a larger platform (imagine him being asked in a debate about it, when the financial issue comes up he'll say it can be paid for by redirecting all the wasteful offensive and foreign aid spending we've been doing) and it's both politically smart in that it will help him cruise through the primaries with an IRON clad defense against those who say he's weak on defense (puns all around), and it's 100% constitutional. the only thing not constitutional about it is that the funds will come from income taxes but since we haven't dealt with that pesky little 16th amendment yet, it'll have to do.

those who don't want us to have such missile defense actually sound like those who don't want people to have AR-15's... complaining about why we would need such a strong defense, etc etc.