Comment: The non grieving mothers are the most important info we have

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The non grieving mothers are the most important info we have

The fake and phony and absolutely not credible family members we watched before the "funerals" must be explained one way or another. To me these people cannot possibly be anything but actors - not possible that I can believe their stories, that their little princess and princesses were shot in the head two days ago. Any new info is unlikely to change this, so we can already conclude.

Without real victims families, there cannot be any victims. And without victims, this story has no core. Wouldn't make sense that anybody was killed. This is obviously a media operation (they know whats going on) in cooperation with some of their agents in the government. Cannot see why nor believe that these producers and entertainers on TV would let themselves become involved in a conspiracy to murder. They don't have to, they can simply fake it (again). They know how to make the necessary REPORTS.

Case solved.

And as far as I can tell, this would be mostly protected free speech and legal. The government agents can be enrolled in a drill (that we don't have to know about) and thereby legally say whatever they need, etc.

(Excellent post BTW.)