Comment: i think you just need to buy

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i think you just need to buy

i think you just need to buy some land (but not the land i plan on buying!) - don't buy my land! i plan to buy it in the summer! don't you think of buying my land!

But once we get past that, why don't you buy land out west. it's relatively cheap. Or if you plan to buy land in the northeast, just please please do not buy the land i want to buy, okay!?

But once we get past that: Buy your land first. 10 acres for 10,000 - you can find deals like that, they are out there. Make sure property tax isn't so expensive. Then you buy the land up front, you never never ever go to a bank to take out a loan and a mortgage. Never! If you do that you are a fool!

O.K. Now, so you've bought your land, -congratulations. You are a far better man than i am. Now definitely there are a lot of exotic fruits that can survive cold weather and grow again in the spring. Not many people know about this. Go ahead and build a maze out of trees, vines, vegetables and fuits. A real maze, that you can get lost in. Of course, go ahead and gather the stones and chop the trees to build a house, in the meanwhile.

So, you've built a house and you own your land and you are growing so many awesome fruits, grains, fruit trees, vegetables, vines,- you are amazing!!

A woman will show up, she is the easy part. Gather a library of 5,000 volumes, if you want. It doesn't take much to convince a person that liberty is a natural progression of ideas. An eleven year old kid can easily grasp Frederic Bastiat, but once a person gets older it becomes more difficult for some reason. But other than that... i think it's better on your position to just want to wake people up, men and women, and don't think about having sex with the women when you are ranting about the new world order and fluoride, and while you are telling them to do the research and look up the links you wrote down for them. Hand out bumper stickers or something like that. you need to wake people up. forget about women right now.