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They are legitimate.

These federal and anti-federal papers were part of the discussions at that time. They were written and read by the people to help understand how they intended to be governed as a nation of free people. These papers also pointed out how dangerous the Constitution would be without a Bill of Rights.

Fed paper forty-six I found interesting because it talks about the contention between the state and the federal governments. It also mentioned how powerful we the people would be while armed to protect the state and themselves from the federal government overstepping it's jurisdiction.

This shows how far we have fallen when today we now consider infringing upon this "tyrant repellant" by removing military comparable fire arms.

Problem is, maybe this is what you're referring to, the Constitution is designed to restrain the civil governments as long as those who govern were to govern righteously and respecting the Constitution. These civil servants were to promote that which is good and bring terror to that which is evil. Men in office today, ha, are no near what we need in office.

I guess I'd disagree with you saying the purpose of the Constitution is a lie.

Maybe this is what you mean? When the people are no longer a virtuous people then the Constitution, just as any other document written by man, would fail to restrain the a power hungry federal government.

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