Comment: they make morgan appear like an idiot but they hardly won the

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they make morgan appear like an idiot but they hardly won the

entire debate on the grand scheme.. that's what happens in most feminine style of debate where you argue with much empathy in your debate.. the topic gets crowded with too much talking and still nothing simple to grasp comes across the presentation to somebody who isn't already informed on the issue.. this country just has to learn to take the logical approach to arguments somehow or it will never advance. a sissy man and two women arguing back and forth on the most trivial details of self defense isn't going to forward this country's consciousness on the true intent of the 2nd amendment, to defend its citizens against radical potentials of the government. one can argue endlessly about what type of weapons is or isn't necessary in self defense, and that is not the point. some people think women are superior talkers because they engage in emotions, i think this is a prime example of why they are not, they speak to more people because many are at the level of being mired still in a mess of emotions, but that level itself is a problem. descending to their level does not help the grand scheme overall, it actually impedes it. there are just some places where emotions cannot carry us. it is a very simple fact.