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Comment: This is NOT good for liberty.

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This is NOT good for liberty.

This is NOT good for liberty.

Kucinich voted NO on some important things in Congress, but he didn't base those votes on consistent principles of individual liberty and limited government. He correctly voted NO on occasion, but for the wrong reasons.

Now on Fox, his REASONS for his "political positions" matter much more than simply that he voted against bad laws. His sole job will be to make reasoned arguments about issues, and he has no principled reasons or arguments based on true liberty, so he can't change people's minds toward liberty, especially people who watch Fox news seriously. Therefore he will merely solidify people in their current opinions because he makes group rights arguments for civil liberties and "just say no"-type baseless arguments against war.

Dennis will just be the liberal "strawman" argument the Fox den will use to discredit any libertarian or conservative who happens to "agree with him" on opposing some laws and government actions. Judge Nap and John Stossel are real liberty advocates who have been thwarted by Fox from speaking out completely, precisely because they would change minds.

Kucinich does not champion liberty. Don't fall for the either-or fallacy and find yourself defending the "principled liberal" when Kucinich is on Fox.

Don't say no one warned you.