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What is a Spirit?

It might be that God is a Spirit, or God is Spirit as Jesus says in the Gospel of John, but that does not tell us much as the word 'Spirit' is highly ambiguous word and it is a word that has very rich history in its meaning.

What is Jesus' concept of Spirit? What is St. Paul's concept of Spirit? Can we be sure that they both understood Spirit in a same meaning and if we would suppose so, then what is actually the meaning of Spirit according to Jesus and Paul? Are their concept of Spirit the same as your concept of Spirit? What is actually your concept of Spirit? Has the Christian Church understood the word Spirit always in a same sense throughout its history of 2000 years?

And depending on the meaning of the word 'Spirit' what does it mean to worship in spirit? All of these questions are highly difficult. How can we know that we have at all the same concept of Spirit now as Jesus or Paul had 2000 years ago? If our concept of Spirit is different than their then all our interpretations of these biblical quotations are either false or at least problematical. But are we able to see these complex problems concerning the simple-looking statement like "God is Spirit".

So what does actually mean this mysterious statement "God is Spirit"?

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