Comment: END the SCHOOL GUN BAN and

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END the SCHOOL GUN BAN and other "Gun Free Zone" laws.

That must be brought up every time in order to change this debate into a constructive discussion of why killers target schools and specific public places for their massive killings.

Every time someone like Piers asks "why does someone need a __________ gun?" he drives the debate in the direction that he wins, regardless of who answers. Male, female, black, white, logical, emotional. Doesn't matter, we lose.

It's identical to asking "why do you need to publish curse words to millions of people on the internet" in order to undermine our 1st Amendment rights of free speech and the press, or "why do you need to question your legislator directly in person" to undermine our 1st Amendment right to petition our government for a redress of grievance (I'm referencing the law passed last year barring protests within a certain distance of government officials).

When the burden is put on us to prove we need a certain thing or right, the government worshiper has framed the question wrongly. We must reframe it by showing how the government's prohibition against meaningful defense resulted in all these deaths in gun banned zones.

We can't change people's emotions or lack of logical thinking, so we need to change the question being asked and put the burden on the government stooge as to why continue the gun ban when it has resulted in so many mass killings.