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Here's how this works.

And I have been through this several times.

The IRS pays no attention to non-filers for the first 3 years. At the end of the third year, if anyone has produced documents against you to the IRS (i.e. W2, 1099, etc. in a sufficient amount) then the IRS will notify you, in writing that you are required to file by a given date, and if not, they will file for you (for that first of the 3 years).

If you owe nothing after that process, you will never hear from them again on that year.

If however you do owe money, if it is a sufficient amount (>$25k) or have otherwise pissed them off, they will fast track your debt. Being "fast tracked" means that they notice in about a year. Then it takes another year or two for your information to work it's way through the system. Once that finally happens, they will start issuing judgments, attachments, etc. If you owe under $25k after all of that it can take up to or greater than 10 years for them to finally bother with you.

Now during that entire time, they are racking up fines, penalties and fees.

To say that your system works because you haven't heard from them is ridiculous. It is most likely that you do not owe anything, or do not owe a sufficient amount -yet-.

They will come calling, they always do.

Also, there is no real requirement to file by April 15th if you don't owe money, or if you are owed money. That deadline is a payment deadline which most people don't understand.

There are many people, me ex-wife included that think they are free and clear because they never heard from the IRS. Until the year that they decided to bother with her of course.

My personal experiences are more complex than my ex-wife's and have given me more detailed information about IRS behavior. I employed a tax law firm for 5 years to clean up the mess that they caused me.

Good luck with your scam, but I truly hope that no one takes you seriously unless they don't mind having their lives wrecked by the largest extortion racket in all of history.

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