Comment: God is eternal. And so by

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God is eternal. And so by

God is eternal. And so by definition God is outside of time and space, for God created it. Asking who ceated an eternal God is like asking where does an asymptotic curve begin or end. We will never understand God. Even if we are fortunate to be found in heaven with God, we will spend an eternity of eternities trying to grasp God.

A few days ago i came across this thought/suggestion for how God created the universe. God said, "Let there be light" and the mere words spoken by God IS the universe.

This changed my old vision of God from being an old man with a beard to something undescribable. We can hardly explain a God of 3 facets (ie. Trinity). From my experience, i feel more productive and happy if i give up "trying to understand God" and simply just "accept and trust in God".