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Hmm... how can I sound like a

Hmm... how can I sound like a complete dipshit? I know! I'll blame everything thats wrong in the world on jews! That way, anyone who logs onto this sight to see how they can help out the movement can read my comment that sounds like its from a mouth breathing neo-nazi. That should help the liberty movement.

Because im sure the libertarian buddy who helped me wave signs for Ron Paul during the campaign in his Yamika is hell bent on world domination.

Troll TROLL! Torches and pitchforks! What the hell is wrong with people like you who open their mouths and concentraited stupid comes out?

Let me give you a quiz: Isreal is a nation where many jews live. Isreal's government is collectivist and using its US subsidised military to do autrocities in the name of its people. Many people in Isreal do not like, nor sanction what their government does, much like in America.

Choose the answer that best fits:

A) Jews are evil and want to conquer the world.
B) Isreal's government is messed up and holds a dangerous amount of influence in America's government.
C) I am a complete dumbass who tries to troll Ron Paul forums to make it look like Libertarians are insane. Im probably butthurt because Paulbots dismantled Robomney's campaign, and this is my pathetic revenge.