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seem to be a dime a dozen today.

in 25 years on this earth i've learned one thing: being right is the only thing that matters in this world. when someone shows you that you are wrong, no harm has been done. it's an opportunity to better understand the world you live in. but that's it, take it or leave it.

'our movement' is decentralized. it does not rely solely on Ron Paul. it does not rely solely on gary johnson or rand paul. it doesn't rely on the federal, state or local governments. it does not rely on the msm. it relies solely on individuals seeking truth.

your concern with peoples thoughts illuminates the power of propaganda only. it's a hard-wired reaction to keep you from seeking.. to keep you from inquiring. the federal reserve's founding was a conspiracy. wars are conspiracies.

best thing i've heard in a while was someone say that this is not a new revolution but a continuation of the one that happened in the 18th century that freed human beings from british tyrants.. (only to be enlaved again by banks and multi-national corporations)

ease your mind. thoughts and ideas are not dangerous to anything but lies.