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Comment: The internet is important

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The internet is important

but this issue right now is another distraction, to lure us away from what is really happening.

The propaganda guys are even smarter than in Nazi Germany. Most non-thinkers are being brain washed into acceptance of the exec orders that allow anyone to be picked up of the street without a warrant, held indefinitely, tortured, raped, killed by presidential order with no accountability.

Hiding behind the Gun Control Issue is the "mental illness label" issue. The new enemy is the "mentally ill" who shoot up our children in schools and theaters. But watch out, because all the vets and dissenters will be labelled mentally ill, picked up, held indefinitely, etc and you will have no defense. That may be the reason for all the concentration camps all over America, and the reason for the Gun Control hype. It is a smoke screen.

Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill
"This kind of control over citizens by government was practiced by Mao in China, Communist Russia and Nazi-controlled Germany. As following in the footsteps of previous dictators, Obama is proving himself to be the next in a dangerous line of Fascist controllers who will imprison his own military if need be to accomplish his goals set forth for him by the global Elite."