Comment: Yep. Into one of two profit cycles.

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Yep. Into one of two profit cycles.

They will be criminalized and put into the prison for profit system, or they will be diagnosed and put in the "crazy check" system.
That is what they called them in Arkansas, when I first noticed the phenomenon start. It was my boss who pointed it out, that suddenly more and more kids were showing up with "mental illness" SSDI as their pay source. He and other doctors looked into it, and found that if a parent got their child diagnosed with a mental illness, the parent got an SSDI check, the school got federal aid, and doctors and shrinks got a revenue stream of insured patients in an otherwise very poor area.
These cops will soon be trained to "diagnose" mental illness the way they can "smell marijuana" - mark my words. The shrinks are already authorized to imprison you without trial, forever.
Home schoolers, you might want to start the fight now. You are next on the radar - we can't have kids NOT under the watchful eye.

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