Comment: It will bring forth increased sales through black markets

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It will bring forth increased sales through black markets

People will begin to make rudimentary firearms at home so they can protect themselves and feed their families.

Firearm deaths will rise because buying from the black market is unsafe.

ALL of the issues we've seen with prohibiting anything will come about in their own way with guns.

You will NOT be able to stop the flood of guns no more than you can drugs over the border and it will give even more power and incentive to the criminal element to invade more of our cities and towns.

This isn't even addressing the issue of disarming the population and all that will cause as we're pitted against our own government...because a lack of guns means a lack of even more rights and a repeat of history's worst lessons.

If they ban guns, we have to sacrifice ourselves if necessary.. expecting a corrupt government that implemented a ban in the first place to rescind it is dangerous pie-in-the-sky bullshit.

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