Comment: Back to the way it was at that time?

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Back to the way it was at that time?

Ok, good idea as long as this occurs too...

Lets get rid of the MSM too, they are really a highly offensive war propaganda tool and should be outlawed. We the people are being violated with their constant pounding of false information and teachings. They are taking advantage of many innocent people unsuspecting of their seditious desires. We need to protect the people so, lets get rid of the MSM. At the time of the drafting of the first amendment the founding fathers never dreamed of such a propaganda tool such as the media has become today and is so misused and now mostly in the hands of "freedom haters".

If not then we need to keep the semi-automatic rifles on the market and the machine guns also. Let it be as the founders intended, the people should be able to be armed just as the infantry man. The technology involved in both of these freedoms has grown proportionally and for obvious reasons.

Have a blessed day.

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