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my point is

(Which i have made several times in spite of severe down voting) that depressed people kill themselves often without taking medication. If people taking medication to treat depression kill themselves, can we assume it must have been the pills? If an overweight person taking medication for diabetes has a heart attack was it the pills? If someone with a heart condition drinks 8 red bulls and dies does it mean that energy drinks are dangerous? Im skeptical. Your link has no quantitative data at all. No details of the study or efforts to isolate the effect of the drug on the suspected outcome. Just some quotes from a bureaucrat who says he must be correct.

That said, i accept that these things are not well understood and that taking medication and then stopping relatively abruptly can do some whacky things. But no regulatory agency can replace your own (personal responsibility) due diligence in seeking treatment.

And i definitely dont buy the implication by many on the dp who say that depression treatment pills take otherwise normal people and turns them into killers with no connection to reality and that evil drug companies know these drugs turn normal people insane but keep them on the market to keep the cash rolling in.

This is the same argument with guns now: we need strong authoritarianism to protect us from greedy guns (and pharmaceutical) manufacturers