Comment: Anarchy isn't idealist. It's

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Anarchy isn't idealist. It's

Anarchy isn't idealist. It's very realistic. It is the natural state of the world, it is what we have now and what we will always have.

What I don't get is why people who label themselves 'anarchists' don't realize that's exactly how things are NOW. There is no rule of law and if there was it would be by action of the majority. There are only criminal organizations who have chosen to implement a monopoly on violence.

On the other hand if you envision a world where no organization lays claim to land or tries to control other peoples' lives, well yes that is obviously idealist and impossible.

Since there will always be someone out there who wants power the best we can hope for is to take over the largest criminal organization and rule by liberty instead of empire.

Do not confuse liberty with absolute freedom. Liberty is the rejection of the initiation of violence. Nothing more.