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My comments on the video:

Being as you stated you will "keep your oath" - may I ask what the oath is to? Also if you support the "war on drugs" can you please point out for me the exact text is in the Constitution (presuming that is what you took an oath to) that grants government the authority to regulate what people put into their bodies? Also... please note: Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Lots of Supreme Court decisions support that opinion.

Simple plan to reduce gun violence: End the war on drugs. Not only is it unconstitutional it is the cause of the overwhelming majority of ANY kind of violence in this country. Adults have the right to make bad decisions as long as those decisions do not harm anyone else. Please stop treating adults like children. If you are brave enough to respond to these comments... I will be pleasantly surprised.

Half measures have availed us nothing. Either you support the constitution... or you don't. You have a right to your opinions, but you don't have a right to FORCE your opinions on anyone else. Now that public servants are FINALLY referencing the constitution... let's not let them off the hook with only supporting ONE amendment to the bill of rights.