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It sounds like you may be reading about Sandy Hook "conspiracy theories" through the bogus MSM filter. They have gone on the offensive this week and they are deliberately trying to create the impression that everyone who is skeptical of Sandy Hook thinks that "it was all fake", it "never happened", and "no one really died".

This is an old tactic that they used with 9/11 skeptics too. They find the most extreme claim that a minority of people online are pushing and then attribute it to the entire "movement" to demonize and discredit "it". (Some of the shady anonymous characters pushing the stuff the media latches onto may well be planted there ala Cass Sunstein for the very purpose of discrediting all official story skeptics.)

In reality many elements of the story are contradictory and do not make sense. It is clear that there is a cover-up of some kind going on, and that evidence of a potential second or even third shooter has been suppressed. Even besides that evidence, there are others reasons to believe that Lanza having carried out the murders by himself and in the manner we've been told does not make sense. The are people out there who will take things to unwarranted extremes, but that does not make all skepticism invalid. We must look at this critically, especially after the Columbine cover-up. The fact that the media is employing these kinds of dishonest tactics to smear all official story skeptics further indicates that there is something to hide here.

Ben Swann: "It is truly, deeply saddening to me how the smear machine works. There are a number of articles that are attempting to blame me to those who are "terrorizing the families of Sandy Hook victims". The blame comes from a piece I did calling for surveillance video to be released from Colorado theater, and from Sandy Hook. BTW, a group of journalists and Colorado have called for the same thing.. are they being smeared? The lawyer for 7 families suing Cinemark is asking for that video to no avail... is he being smeared? The timing of these multiple articles that link me to those claiming no children actually died and that the families are all actors are intellectually dishonest. And yet the people sending emails to my employer seem to be part of a bigger attempt to discredit and smear, not on the basis of MY story but on the basis of a Headline." (source)